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We are "Behind the Bud"

Australian Organic’s ‘Behind the Bud’ series goes behind the scenes to learn more about some of the certified organic members. These farms, brands and businesses all have inspiring stories to share about why they chose to become certified organic and how their certification is important to grow and support the organic industry in Australia. 

 Healthiabee is certified organic to ensure that bees are not harmed in the production of our balm.

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Bee Friendly Farming

‘Over the past 10 years,Kiss the Ground, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, has become a leading voice in raising awareness for regeneration through storytelling, education, and advocacy’. Kiss the Ground believes ‘regenerative agriculture is a viable solution to combat the climate, water, and health crisis’. Healthiabee recognises that this is ultimately the way we can save our bees.  Click on the link below to see their website.  scroll to the the trailer for theKiss the Ground movie. This movie is truly life changing!!!

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Imagine having a tick the size of your hand on your body!

The recent infestation of the varroa mite into Australian bee colonies is forcing the use of insecticides inside our beehives to prevent massive losses! Our bees are almost defenceless against this destructive mite! Of course this will contaminate our honey and beeswax and affect the health of our honey bees!

HealthiaBee will donate funds from the sale of our balm to ‘Bee Genetics‘ to support scientific research to develop varroa sensitive hygiene in our bees so they can deal with this destructive pest themselves.

Click on the link below to learn more.

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Bee Friendly Farming logo over the top of an arial shot of a luscious green farm.


‘Bee Friendly Farming (BFF) is a certification program that works with land managers to help protect, preserve and promote pollinator health. BFF provides guidelines for farmers and gardeners to promote pollinator health on their lands.’

HealthiaBee will donate funds from the sale of our balm to ‘Bee Friendly Farming‘ to support their work in protecting our bees.


Have a look at their website: https://www.beefriendlyfarming.org.au/


Click on the link below to watch the launch of ‘Bee Friendly Farming Australia

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‘Soils for Life is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to support Australian farmers to regenerate soils, for resilient people, communities, businesses and landscapes.’  

Soils for life encourages integrated pest management minimising the use of harmful chemicals that kills the life in the soil and our precious pollinators.

HealthiaBee will donate funds from the sale of our balm to ‘Soils for Life’ to support Australian farmers to convert to regenerative farming.

Click on the link below to watch ‘The Soil Story’

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We need to introduce varroa resistant bee genetics into Australian bee colonies to ultimately eliminate the need for the use of harmful pesticides to treat varroa in our hives.
It is working overseas. Lets learn from their mistakes and knowledge
HealthiaBee will look to support any programs that support chemical free beekeeping.

Click on the link below to check out Bee Genetics website.

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Organic (chemical free) farming and the produce and products made from these practices ensure the survival of our bees. Chemicals sprayed on crops confuse and kill bees.

Did you know that in Australia, anyone can say their product is organic without any testing to confirm that the product is genuinely organic?  Organic certification ensures that produce and products are genuinely organic and that certified farmers and manufacturers are constantly monitored to ensure the consumer can trust that no harmful chemicals have been used in its production. This is good for the bees and good for our own health.

“Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is the peak industry body engaging with government and industry to promote the commercial and social interests of those who are certified and protect the integrity of the sector against fraud and misleading organics.

AOL has been at the foundation of organics since 1987 and is identified by the most recognised mark in Australia, the Australian Certified Organic ‘Bud’ logo. This trademark signals the highest of integrity and is recognised by 64 per cent of Australian consumers.” (Australian Organic)

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HealthiaBee is dedicated to reducing wasteful and unnecessary packaging

We have made a deliberate and conscious effort to reduce waste from the packaging of our balm.  So many products today are over packaged and most of it ends up in landfill.  How many times have you received an online purchase that comes in a box with plastic fillers and then there is the box for the product?  What happens to all this packaging?  Our tips (waste stations) are overflowing requiring more land to be allocated for waste.

Our balm is produced in a glass jar that can be recycled.  We package the balm in a plain cardboard box wrapped in recycled plain paper.  Our shipping mailer and labels are also biodegradable.  Let’s face it the product is what you need, the packaging just has to deliver it to you with the least amount of impact on our environment.


HealthiaBee supports ‘HeapsGood‘ for the benefit of our environment. 

Click on the link below to find out more about ‘HeapsGood’

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Bee Friendly Farming’ 

provides certification and support to gardeners who are nurturing our bees and pollinators.

Did you know your garden could be certified as bee friendly?  Bee Friendly Farming offers certification and support to household gardeners who are mindful of the benefits of honey bees and other pollinators and want to make a contribution toward saving the bees.  To be certified, gardeners will be required to follow guidelines that ensure the health of our bees.  Are you up for the task?  The health of our bees and pollinators are relying on you.

Click on the link below to find out more .

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