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Just as in a bee colony, the whole hive works together for hive survival. The Queen bee is not the boss! Be a worker bee in the Healthia Bee Colony

Thia intends to regularly keep the colony up to date with new developments and concepts, discussing bees, health, organics & regenerative farming. She may even create a regular podcast. Stay tuned!

A close up of a bee in a flower.
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Close up of vegetable crops in a planter box

Eat & Use Certified Organic

Harmful chemicals sprayed on our crops are confusing and killing our bees. When you buy certified organic you are supporting farmers and manufactures who are consciously protecting the bees from harmful chemicals causing bee and pollinator population decline.

The view from behind of a person walking through rows of crops on a farm.

Support Regenerative Farming

Conventional farming has depleted our soils killing valuable microbes and life necessary for sustainable agriculture. Our soils cannot retain moisture. 70% of grain crops grown are to keep livestock in feed lots! Regenerative Farming creates a balance that is aligned with Mother Nature for a sustainable future! Diversity is the key to Save the Bees.

A persons hands in protective gloves pulling some honeycomb covered in bees out of a bee hive.

Support Sustainable Beekeeping

Our beekeepers in Australia are facing tremendous adversity. Our bees and pollinators are weakened by loss of habitat, chemicals sprayed on crops, pests and diseases. Recently the Varroa mite has reached Australia and many honeybee hives have been destroyed to try to prevent the spread of this destructive parasite but there is a better way!

HealthiaBee will support, promote sponsor, partner & invest in:

Certified Organic Produce and Products
Bee friendly farming practices
Regenerative farming practices
Development in bee genetics to improve bee health

Our current financial recipients are:

  • Bee Genetics
  • Bee Friendly Farming
  • Soils for Life

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