Got Questions? We have Answers!

Healthia Bee Balm FAQ

Why is it healing?

Our Healthia Bee Balm is made from all organic products designed to help your skin heal. Check out the information on our Healthia Bee Balm Page for all the details.

What is the expiry date of the balm?

The generally accepted view for balms is 1-2 years. Healthia Bee Balm is marked on the bottom of the jar when it was made.  The date and batch are represented as follows: YYMMDD00.  (Don’t worry about it you will most likely have used it long before the expiry date!)

What is it used for?

Healthia Bee Balm has many uses however most people have found it extremely therapeutic and healing for chapped lips, dry skin, cuts, abrasions and burns.

Is it a moisturiser?

Healthia Bee Balm is a powerful healing moisturiser with the benefit of beeswax to lock in the moisture for a long lasting effect.

What are the ingredients?

Healthia Bee Balm is made from only the finest all natural, certified organic ingredients that Mother Nature has provided. Ingredients include: beeswax, raw coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, hemp seed oil & frankincense essential oil.


For more information about the individual ingredients check out our  Healthia Bee Balm page.

Is it really organic?

Healthia Bee has undergone a stringent certification process with ACO – Australian Certified Organic and our organic certification bud is proudly displayed on the Healthia Bee Balm label. All ingredient suppliers are required to supply their certification to Healthia Bee so we can track all the ingredients from their source.  If there is a contamination of the product or the ingredients Healthia Bee is required to recall the product to protect consumers.

What is organic and why is it important?

Organic products are produced without the use of harmful chemicals. This is good for us and good for the bees.

Harmful chemicals confuse and kill bees which has been a major contributor of their population decline.

Healthia Bee Colony FAQ

What does the Healthia Bee Colony Do?

The HealthiaBee Colony is a collective of like minded people who want to save the bees and supports Thia’s belief that together we can make a difference! The colony will communicate via social media and the HealthiaBee website to help educate and share information on how our investments from the sale of our balm is making a difference.


Just as in a bee colony, the whole hive works together for hive survival. The Queen bee is not the boss! Thia and HealthiaBee are calling on you to help her save the bees by spreading information to educate the general public on what we can do and how we are contributing to save the bees.


Thia intends to regularly keep the colony up to date with new developments and concepts, discussing bees, health, organics & regenerative farming. She may even create a regular podcast.  Stay tuned!


Maybee the colony will eventually be able to help lobby governments and cause trends towards organic products and regenerative faming that protect bees and will influence the way our food is grown and products are made

Do I have to do anything to be a part of the Healthia Bee Colony?

Just purchase a jar of HealthiaBee Balm and you are already making a contribution.

What can I do to save the bees?

  • Eat certified organic produce and buy certified organic products.
  • Keep up with new developments provided by Healthia Bee.
  • Participate online to help educate others to the plight of the bees and how we can make a difference. (like, share and subscribe)
  • Plant flowering plants to create bee habitats.
  • Eliminate/reduce the use of insecticides in your garden

How can the Healthia Bee Colony help save the bees?

We will support, sponsor, partner, invest in:

  • Certified Organic Produce and Products
  • Bee friendly farming practices
  • Regenerative farming practices
  • Development in bee genetics to improve bee health
  • Our current financial recipients are:

How do you minimize the impact of packaging of and your balm on the environment?

 When you buy online there is so much packaging, fillers and plastics that are clogging up our world.


Healthia Bee is dedicated to minimizing waste packaging.

  1. The jar - Healthia Bee Balm is provided in a glass jar ready for recycling
  2. The packing box- What do you do with the box your jar of cream was delivered in? Most people discard the box and just use the jar right?  Our online distribution has eliminated the box inside a box with fillers and just provides the jar in a sturdy plain recyclable packing box ready for recycling
  3. The mailer - We have found an eco mailer from ‘Heaps Good Pty Ltd’, that will keep your Healthia Bee Balm dry in transit. When composted, it will be gone in 6 months with no harmful residues.

Why is it important to create jobs in the regions?

There are lots of people and families that would love to make a ‘Seachange or treechange. Unfortunately, there are a lot less job opportunities for employment in regional areas.  Decentralizing our manufacturing provides the opportunity for better/new lifestyle choices.


Many kids in regional areas find it difficult to find employment and are forced to move to the cities away from their friends, family and support networks. Providing employment for these kids is life changing for them and their community.


Manufacturing in regional areas brings many financial benefits for the community such as local jobs for the manufacturing process, construction jobs for factories and supporting local suppliers and indirectly supporting local shops and services.  Local councils benefit from increased rates and other revenues.

What kind of jobs and working lifestyle will Healthia Bee create?

At Healthia Bee, our employees are very valuable to us. We are passionate about providing flexible employment to ensure our employees are motivated, happy and healthy workers creating a positive work/life balance.