Unnecessary Packaging is Clogging Up Our World

A jar of Healthia Bee skin balm sitting in its eco-friendly packaging.

Healthia Bee is dedicated to reducing wasteful and unnecessary packaging

We have made a deliberate and conscious effort to reduce waste from the packaging of our balm.  So many products today are over packaged and most of it ends up in landfill.  How many times have you received an online purchase that comes in a box with plastic fillers and then there is the box for the product?  What happens to all this packaging?  Our tips (waste stations) are overflowing requiring more land to be allocated for waste.

Our balm is produced in a glass jar that can be recycled.  We package the balm in a plain cardboard box wrapped in recycled plain paper.  Our shipping mailer and labels are also biodegradable.  Let’s face it the product is what you need, the packaging just has to deliver it to you with the least amount of impact on our environment.

Healthia Bee supports ‘HeapsGood for the benefit of our environment.