Support Bee Health - Would you like Pesticides with that?

Imagine having a tick the size of your hand on your body!

A very close up view of a bee on honeycomb.

The recent infestation of the varroa mite into Australian bee colonies is forcing the use of insecticides inside our beehives to prevent massive losses! Our bees are almost defenceless against this destructive mite! Of course this will contaminate our honey and beeswax and affect the health of our honey bees!

However there is a better way.

Scientists and bee breeders have been working hard to develop genetics in honey bees to be able to cope with the varroa mite by detecting them and removing them from the hive themselves. This development is imperative to reduce and hopefully remove the need for the use of pesticides.
Corinne Jordan has been a queen bee breeder in South East Queensland since 2008. She has teamed up with Dr Nadine Chapman in Australia and scientists in America to develop Bee Genetics that enable the bees to help themselves!
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Healthia Bee will donate funds from the sale of our balm to ‘Bee Genetics‘ to support scientific research to develop varroa sensitive hygiene in our bees so they can deal with this destructive pest themselves.