Healthia Bee Balm is Certified Organic and a Proud Member of Australian Organic

A close up of the back of a jar of Healthia Bee organic skin balm showing that it is Australian Made and Owned, manufactured in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia and ACO Certified Organic.Organic (chemical free) farming and the produce and products made from these practices ensure the survival of our bees. Chemicals sprayed on crops confuse and kill bees.

Did you know that in Australia, anyone can say their product is organic without any testing to confirm that the product is genuinely organic?  Organic certification ensures that produce and products are genuinely organic and that certified farmers and manufacturers are constantly monitored to ensure the consumer can trust that no harmful chemicals have been used in its production. This is good for the bees and good for our own health.

“Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is the peak industry body engaging with government and industry to promote the commercial and social interests of those who are certified and protect the integrity of the sector against fraud and misleading organics.

AOL has been at the foundation of organics since 1987 and is identified by the most recognised mark in Australia, the Australian Certified Organic ‘Bud’ logo. This trademark signals the highest of integrity and is recognised by 64 per cent of Australian consumers.” (Australian Organic).

Explore more about Australian Organic on their website.